Spectrum S-922N-LED Dispensing System

S-922N-LED Dispensing System for LED Cavity Encapsulation

The Spectrum S-922N-LED dual-lane dispensing system is faster than competitive dual-auger and multi-head air-over valve systems and is easier to setup and operate

Available as a standalone dispenser or integrated with the Nordson ASYMTEK MH-912S same-side feed loader/unloader, the system provides closed-loop weight control for greater yield and higher UPH than other LED needle dispensers with multiple dispense heads.

The largest driver for the white LED market is display backlighting for televisions, tablet PCs and e-readers (top emission LEDs for television and side-view LEDs for tablet PCs and e-readers). Tightness of CIE (or bins) is the key LED differentiator; color is a key variable that affects CIE. Silicone phosphor dispensing is critical to color quality, and cavity encapsulation is the most common method used.

DispenseJet technology enables high-speed jetting of phosphor-filled silicone

Silicone is difficult to dispense due to its compressible (elastic) nature. With needle dispensing, long retract moves are needed to snap off silicone tails, contributing to lower units-per-hour and lower yield.

Nordson ASYMTEK’s DispenseJet DJ-9000 series valve delivers quick, multiple shots to ensure fluid weight accuracy, consistency, and tighter tolerance. Tighter tolerance contributes to tighter CIE LEDs. The patented Active Nozzle™ Jetting System improves silicone break-off, and eliminates the need for operator intervention or maintenance intervals.

The DispenseJet valve has the ability to jet 100-200 µm dots into 400-µm cavities, not possible with traditional needle dispensing.

With its advanced tuning algorithms and jetting technology, the S-922N-LED platform is often 2-3 times faster than competitive needle dispensers.

Advanced Calibrated Process Jetting (ACPJ+) significantly reduces process variability

Also included, Nordson ASYMTEK’s Advanced CPJ+ software and support tools are designed specifically for LED production. Advanced CPJ+ ensures the targeted fluid weight per cavity (mass per part) is maintained within a prescribed tolerance by automatically adjusting fluid pressure, dots per cavity, and valve on/off times at programmed intervals.

The S-922N-LED dispenser with integrated handling is fast and reduces process variation for higher yields. Operator interface is minimal, keeping your process under machine control for lower cost overall.

S-922N-LED Features

Standard features

  • Calibration module: patented Mass Flow Control Module with scale, vacuum purge, and fiducial marks for automatic setup
  • Active Nozzle Jetting System
  • Advanced CPJ+ (ACPJ+) Calibrated Process Jetting for LED encapsulation
  • Digital vision system
  • DispenseJet DJ-9000 series valve
  • Dual-lane configuration (single-lane available)
  • Laser height sensor
  • Integrated MH-912S same-side loader/unloader
  • Light beacon with audible alarm
  • Low pressure sensor
  • Programmable fluid and valve pressure
  • Nozzle cleaning station
  • Ventilation exhaust system

Optional features

  • CpH - Controlled Process Heat (patented)
  • Contact or impingement heat tooling
  • Auto-Adjust Dual Jets (2 DispenseJet valves)
  • Exterior bulk fluid reservoir: 600 cc (20 oz), includes remote feed and fluid level sensor
  • Fids-on-the-Fly
  • Low fluid sensor (magnetic or capacitive)
  • Process development hot plate
  • SECS/GEM interface


S-922N-LED - English

S-922N-LED - Chinese



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