S-920N-C Cleanroom

S-920N-C Series Cleanroom Dispensers

The scalable Spectrum™ S-920N-C Cleanroom series is specifically designed for Class 100 environments and for applications that are sensitive to contamination by submicron-sized particles, such as wafer-level packaging.


The S-920N-C system is equipped with a stainless steel enclosure. Its high-flex electrical cables are enclosed in a cleanroom-certified jacket that reduces particulation and outgassing. The ULPA filter provides a downward particle-free air column within the dispense area. All pneumatic valves are exhausted to a duct for connection to house vacuum to avoid particle emissions into the cleanroom.


With its flexible, scalable configuration, the S-920N-C can be configured with single or dual lanes, and up to six heat stations with the dual lane configuration.

The S-920N-C maximizes use of floor space — it is 600 mm wide (without the optional pre- and post-heat stations), half the width of other dispensers on the market.

Advanced Process Control

The S-920N-C reduces process variation, increases yield, and reduces cost. Software-managed temperature, fluid and air pressure provide closed-loop control that eliminates the need for operator adjustment.

Calibrated Process Jetting (CPJ) automatically maintains volumetric repeatability during long production runs, while Controlled Process Heat (CpH™) adds recipe-controlled heat management for improved thermal efficiency.

The Spectrum’s digital vision system with dual-color, adjustable on-axis lighting offers fast and reliable image acquisition for increased throughput. Adding the Fids-on-the-Fly™ option accelerates fiducial capture, and laser height sensing further reduces time spent on non-dispense routines.

Jet Technology

Patented non-contact jetting offers many advantages over traditional needle dispensing, jetting precise volumes of fluid in dots, lines and patterns with flow rates up to 500 mg/second and 200 dots/second.


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Features and Benefits

  • Third-party certified for Class 100 compliance
  • Stainless steel enclosure has a passivated finish for easy wipe-down
  • High-flex electrical cables are enclosed in a cleanroom-certified jacket to minimize particulation and outgassing
  • Software-controlled features improve yield and minimize operator intervention
  • A flexible number of heating zones with optional Controlled Process Heat (CpH) minimizes processing time
  • Film-frame or bare wafer handling can be added for integrated material loading and unloading