S-910N Series Scalable Dispensers for PCB Assembly and Microelectronics Packaging

The Spectrum S-910N Series fluid dispensers are ideal for inline, high-volume applications that do not require heat, such as surface mount adhesive (SMA), silver epoxy, solder paste, and edge- and corner-bonding applications

With its flexible, scalable configuration, the Spectrum S-910N series can be configured to meet your current capacity requirements while allowing future upgrades to add options such as a pre-queue station. The S-910N maximizes use of floor space — it is 600 mm wide (without the optional pre- and post-queue stations), half the width of other dispensers on the market. 

Features Single or dual lane configuration50-micron dispense accuracy with linear encodersNew digital vision systemOptional pre- and post-stationsFluidmove XP software

  • Slim design maximizes floor space utilization and lowers cost of ownership Digital vision system provides high-speed image acquisition
  • A variety of conveyor belts and clamping options handle the most challenging parts or carriers
  • CAD Import software for quick and efficient offline programming
  • Pre- and post-queue stations can be added for higher throughput or as buffer stations
  • MH-900 series loaders/unloaders can be added to create an island of automation or for inline production capability

Recommended Solutions

Optional Features and Accessories

  • MH-900 Series material handlers for reliable magazine loading and unloading of a wide range of carriers, from thin strips to large heavy pallets
  • Dual lane configuration, S-912N
  • Dual Valves: dual action and dual simultaneous capability
  • Pre- and post-queue stations
  • Programmable fluid and valve pressure
  • Calibrated Process Jetting (CPJ) or Mass Flow Calibration (MFC) for automatically ensuring volumetric repeatability during long production runs
  • Laser height sensor
  • Exterior bulk fluid reservoir
  • Fids-on-the-Fly™ for high-speed fiducial capture
  • SECS/GEM interface software

Related Products

Fids-on-the-Fly High-Speed Fiducial CaptureFids-on-the-Fly High-Speed Fiducial Capture

Asymtek’s Fids-on-the-Fly™ option is up to 5.5X faster than the traditional stop-and-capture mode for locating fiducials. Reducing time spent performing this essential, non-dispense routine can increase UPH as much as 35 percent.

Dual-Action DispensingDual-Action Dispensing

Dual-action dispensing allows you to dispense two different fluids with two different Asymtek valves. The dual-action head controls the XYZ position of either valve, and the dispensing operation of each valve is completely independent and sequential.

Dual-Simultaneous DispensingDual-Simultaneous Dispensing

You can reduce dispense time by at least 50 percent with Nordson ASYMTEK's dual-simultaneous dispensing. This option enables simultaneous dispense with two of the same valve/jet on one synchronous head -same fluid, same valves.

Non-Contact Laser Height SensorNon-Contact Laser Height Sensor

Nordson ASYMTEK’s CCD non-contact laser height sensor provides high-speed dispense height measurement for components that may be compromised by tactile sensing

DJ-9500 DispenseJet High-Speed Jet DispensingDJ-9500 DispenseJet High-Speed Jet Dispensing

The new DispenseJet DJ-9500 is Nordson ASYMTEK’s latest jet design that further expands the list of jettable fluids for a wider range of applications.

DV-01 Syringe ValveDV-01 Syringe Valve

Fluid flow is controlled by applying pressure to the syringe during 'valve on' and removing pressure to the syringe during 'valve off.'

DV-02 Pinch Tube ValveDV-02 Pinch Tube Valve

The DV-02 valve design utilizes a plastic tube as the valve mechanism. In the 'valve off' state, the tube is pinched closed by a plastic plunger. When signaled to open with the 'valve on' command, the plunger is forced back by way of a pneumatic cylinder.

DV-03HPA High Pressure Valve with SuckbackDV-03HPA High Pressure Valve with Suckback

The DV-03 is a air-actuated balanced spool valve for consistent dispensing of high viscosity fluids. For precision, you can control the amount of fluid dispensed by adjusting the fluid pressure, pulse time, and selecting the appropriate dispense tip.

DV-05A Diaphragm Valve with SuckbackDV-05A Diaphragm Valve with Suckback

The DV-05A is an air-actuated diaphragm poppet valve with an adjustable precision piston stroke. This valve provides dispensing of medium to medium-high viscosity fluids, and is suitable for a variety of applications.

DV-07 Adjustable Liquid Metering ValveDV-07 Adjustable Liquid Metering Valve

The DV-07 is a normally closed, air-actuated diaphragm valve. This valve is designed for accurate, reliable dispensing of low to medium viscosity fluids. It is suitable for a variety of applications, from microdots to volume filling.

DV-09 Needle ValveDV-09 Needle Valve

The DV-09 valve is an air-operated, adjustable needle valve. It is designed to apply precise, repeatable deposits from a fraction of a microliter up to continuous stripes of low to high viscosity fluids.

DV-7000 Heli-Flow PumpDV-7000 Heli-Flow Pump

The DV-7000 Heli-Flow® pump is a third-generation encoded auger pump. The pump has a floating head for use with footed needles to make fast, repeatable dots of solder paste and silver epoxy.

DV-8000 Heli-Flow PumpDV-8000 Heli-Flow Pump

The DV-8000 pump has a fixed-head design for luer needle applications. The DV-8000 pump's rigid head and fluid path can withstand high pressures generated by thick fluids at high flow rates.

SV-100 Slider Valve Solder Paste DispenserSV-100 Slider Valve Solder Paste Dispenser

Nordson ASYMTEK’s Slider SV-100 valve dispenses paste-type fluids with metal additives better than traditional needle dispensing using slider valve technology


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“We have chosen Asymtek for our dispensing requirements because of their deep knowledge and expertise in automated fluid dispensing. Our customers want quick-turn solutions with state-of-the-art technology. Asymtek’s dispensers provide a high level of process control, flexibility, and capability that supports this requirement. Our new Spectrum S-910N systems give us more capability in a smaller footprint, saving valuable space on our production floor.”
-- Pernille Louise Vinten, Production Technology Manager, DancoTech

“Why was Asymtek chosen?  Technology, Price and Service” 
-- A company in the hard disk drive industry