S-822 Precision Stand Alone Semiconductor Dispenser

S-822 Precision Stand Alone Semiconductor Dispenser

The Spectrum™ S-822 Series system is designed for production of semiconductor and electronics packaging processes, such as chip scale package (CSP) underfill, cavity fill, die attach, and encapsulation. The S-822 is a standalone system with dual-shuttle stages to increase the productivity achieved in such processes.

Ideal for labs, lean production environments and new product introductions, the S-822 system offers the controlled precision dispensing capabilities and many of the patented processes found in Nordson ASYMTEK’s advanced in-line systems.

The S-822 system allows parallel processing on two shuttle stages for nearly continuous dispensing, which significantly reduces lost time in non-dispensing activities such as pre-heating, loading, and unloading parts. The dispenser’s two stages automatically slide in and out through an opening in the front of the machine, allowing the operator to safely unload and load one side while dispensing continues on the other stage.

The S-822 performs with a wide range of fluids, processes, and substrates used in semiconductor packaging and assembly. It easily integrates with most jets, pumps and valves from Nordson ASYMTEK, including the DispenseJet® DJ-9500 and NexJet® System.

The S-822 is fully supported by Nordson ASYMTEK’s exclusive Fluidmove® for Windows® software, providing dispense programming control within a familiar Windows environment.

Processes developed on the S-822 with the Fluidmove software package can be easily transferred to an inline Spectrum™ platform. Production can be expanded with minimal configuration downtime and seamless transition from engineering development to inline manufacturing.  


  • Dual shuttle stages for increased productivity and machine utilization
  • Fluidmove for Windows software for easy-to-use programming control
  • Patented Mass Flow Calibration automatically compensates for changes in fluid viscosity
  • Automatic Pattern Recognition System for accurate identification of global and local fiducials
  • Optional impingement or contact heated tooling surfaces for one or both shuttle stages.

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