Dual-Simultaneous Dispensing Technology from Nordson ASYMTEK

Dual-Simultaneous Dispensing

You can reduce dispense time by at least 50 percent with Nordson ASYMTEK's dual-simultaneous dispensing

Dual simultaneous dispensing enables simultaneous dispense with two of the same valve/jet on one synchronous head (same fluid, same valves), and is ideal for applications where dispense accuracy (placement and volume) is less critical. Ideal parts include multi-up panelized or patterned parts with consistent spacing. Dispense time is at least 2X faster with dual-simultaneous jetting when compared to single-jet dispensing, enabling higher units-per-hour.

Dual-Simultaneous dispensing is ideal for applications that have:

  • Patterned parts with consistent spacing
  • Lower sensitivity to dispense accuracy (placement and volume)
  • Carrier-level fiducials with good part/die placement

When jetting simultaneously it is critcal that both jets deliver the same mass. Dual simultaneous jetting, in conjuction with Nordson ASYMTEK's CPJ+ technology, ensures that flow rates for both DispenseJet valves deliver the same mass per part for uniform deposition. The system automatically compensates for fluid viscosity changes over time as well as batch-to-batch variations to keep the process under machine control. Dual simultaneous jetting cuts dispense time in half, while CPJ+ technology increases dispense accuarcy for higher yields and ensures consistent Takt times for improved process capability (CpK).

In addition, the jets can be set at different distances apart to adapt to different application requirements.

Recommended Applications

Contact the factory to discuss your specific application requirements.

Dispensing Systems

  • Spectrum™ II S2-910 - Scalable Dispensers for PCB Assembly and Microelectronics Packaging
  • Spectrum™ II S2-920 - Scalable Dispensers for Underfill Dispensing and Microelectronics Packaging
  • Quantum™ - In-Line, Large-Format Fluid Dispensing for SMT, PCB, and MEMS



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