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Laboratory Testing

Nordson maintains a fully equipped application and technical support lab in Duluth, Georgia. We can thoroughly test, demonstrate and evaluate manual or automated adhesive dispensing systems to assure that they will meet your specific application requirements.

Customers are invited to participate in application demonstrations to observe our dispensing systems at work. Our experienced personnel will work with you to evaluate adhesive materials and your end products. You'll see how the entire system works in a setting that closely simulates your own manufacturing operation. As a result, you'll have confidence, before you buy, that Nordson equipment will meet or exceed your expectations.

Primary test facilities are located in the United States, Germany and Japan, supported by secondary laboratories in most of the countries where Nordson operates.

Each laboratory is staffed with full-time, factory trained technical personnel.

To request a test, choose Lab Test Request and complete the form. Your local representative will contact you to arrange a convenient date.

Application Laboratories Capabilities and Equipment

As a leader in the industry, Nordson continually develops and tests new dispensing methods, materials and equipment. As new materials and processes emerge, Nordson responds with systems that increase manufacturing productivity and efficiency across a variety of industries.

Nordson laboratories are equipped to demonstrate a variety of standard Nordson systems. All systems include dispensing guns and hoses. Our equipment can be configured to simulate your specific application.

Additional equipment not listed may also be available. Please contact your sales representative to discuss trial or development project needs.


Each laboratory is staffed with full-time, factory-trained technical personnel. Testing, demonstration and training programs provide the flexibility needed to meet most customer requirements.


Adhesive Melters
ProBlue® melters (pneumatic, piston pump)
DuraBlue® melters (electric, gear pump)
VersaBlue® melters (variable speed AC, spur-gear pumps)

Automatic Guns

Pneumatic Extrusion Guns
H-200 Series (ball and seat) guns
H-400 Series (air open/spring close) guns
H-440 Series (air open/air close) guns
SureBead™ reduced cavity guns
H-20 and H-20 large ball & seat (LBS) guns
H-100 Series (compact reduced cavity) guns
Zero cavity and extended zero cavity (needle and seat) guns
Mini-Bead (non-contact guns for high-speed and sift-proof packaging)

Electric Extrusion Guns
EM-101 guns
Sift-Proof (mini-bead electric) guns
E-700 Series guns
e.dot™ (compact electric) guns

Spray Guns
Swirl (CF™ Controlled Fiberization) guns
Universal™ module guns
    Control Stream
    Summit™ process
    High-density meltlown
    Low-density meltblown
EP 26 (double-air spray) guns

Slot Guns
Speed-Coat™ applicators
EP 11 applicators
RS applicators
EP 45 applicators
EP 52 applicators

Handguns (available in extrusion and spray versions)
FP-200 (flat panel) guns
AD-41 and AD-41 (large ball & seat) guns

Pattern Controls
Eclipse™ EPC-30
Eclipse EPC-15
HD electric gun driver
ES-400 electric gun driver
SD Series electric gun driver

Substrate Handling (Conveyors, Winders and Drums)
DCM paper drive
    up to 500 ft/min
    up to 19 in. wide
    up to 21 in. diameter
    3-inch core
Demonstration drums
    up to 1900 ft/min
Hytrol conveyor
    up to 200 ft/min
    up to 20 in. wide

Automation and Robotics
Motoman SK16 6-axis robot
Motoman K10 6-axis robot
Tabletop 3-axis robot
Unity Series 3-axis robot

Spray Booths
12 ft (W) x 8 ft (D) x 16 ft (H) spray booth with standard required face velocity

Condition parts or materials before and after application processes.

Data Acquisition Systems
System captures data in digital format that can then be used with post-acquisition analysis tools. This system automates test routines such as melt rates, temperature monitoring, power usage, etc.

Thermal Imagers
Visually demonstrate stability, verify and correct undesirable thermal gradients.

Foamed Adhesive Dispensing Systems
FoamMix® system (ambient, warm and heated foamed adhesive dispensing)
FoamMelt® 200 system (heated foamed adhesive dispensing)

Dispensing Guns
AG-900, heated and cold guns
Pro-Meter® VDK, AG-900, H200 and Auto-Flo™, heated and cold guns
Pro-Meter MDA (small positive displacement) guns

Adhesive Bulk Unloaders
Rhino® 5-gallon

Heat and Humidity Chamber

Confidential lab testing is also available.

Request information

To request a test, choose Lab Test Request and complete the form. Your local representative will contact you to arrange a convenient date.

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