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Weather Stripping / Sealing Systems

  Nordson has dispense systems to apply solid or foamed sealant as sealing system bulb plugs and channel fill.

Nordson hot melt systems help improve product quality and
lower manufacturing costs in weather stripping applications.

Bulb Fill/Plugs

Using hot melt adhesive instead of hollow tubing or foam cord makes bulb fill more efficient and consistent.  A Nordson hot melt system replaces the time-consuming, manual process of inserting traditional plugs.  Automated adhesive injection provides consistent, accurate plug placement and eliminates the need to inventory multiple plug sizes.

Channel Fill

Achieving a complete, consistent channel fill is possible with a Nordson dispensing system.  A metered output with gear-to-line capability produces accurate bead dimensions and the ability to program breaks in the bead.  Using the Nordson foaming process to mix inert gas with the adhesive reduces material cost while improving performance of the weather strip.


Nordson systems help make flocking more efficient and environmentally-friendly.  Use of hot melt adhesive instead of solvent-based or two-part reactive adhesives helps address VOC emission issues.  A highly-controlled adhesive process improves product quality and helps reduce manufacturing costs, in part by eliminating the need for adhesive cure ovens.

Improve product quality, increase productivity, and reduce materials and waste by using Nordson systems.  VersaDrum™ bulk melters  with Pro-Meter® VDK dispensing modules deliver accurate, precise adhesive, butyl or sealant application.

This system can be used in conjunction with the Ultra FoamMix®  system to achieve a closed cell foam for faster cure and lower weights.