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Envelope Manufacturing

Nordson hot melt adhesive and liquid adhesive dispensing systems maximize manufacturing performance for booklet, open-end and peel off-and-seal envelopes, including seal gum, side-seam, bottom flap and window applications.
  • Improve side-seam pattern placement at speeds up to 1,500 envelopes per minute with LA series or WM 801 series cold glue electric guns.

  • Enhance adhesive deposition and repeatability with LA 404-2 or LogiComm®  pattern controls.

  • Meet cold glue volume and requirements with LA 300 piston pumps.

  • Achieve sharp cutoff in high-speed intermittent hot melt adhesive peel off-and-seal applications with EP 11 slot gun and Blue Series™ melters.

  • Minimize cleanup and downtime with micro-adjust brackets for easy dispensing gun positioning and servicing.

  • Reduce waste and improve product quality with pattern, window position and product length detection using LogiComm verification systems.

Nordson adhesive systems replace glue wheel pots to increase productivity and reduce maintenance.

Extrusion systems deliver consistent adhesive deposition for high-quality envelopes.