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Nordson MBII Ecobead

EcoBead™ Pattern Generator for OptiBond™ Solutions

Economical and easy to use, the EcoBead pattern generator lets you apply short, intermittent beads in place of long continuous beads by enabling your parent machine controls. The need to reprogram your PLC or add a conventional pattern controller is eliminated.

Stitching adhesive,OptiBond,pattern generator

Designed specifically for use with Nordson OptiBond solutions, the EcoBead device connects between a MiniBlue®II adhesive applicator with Saturn® Platinum (SP) solenoid valve and the packaging machine’s PLC control

  • 40 preset programs with  20-30-40-50-60% adhesive savings

  • 20 customizable programs

  • Compatible with existing 24-volt control architectures

  • Needs no external power supply, encoder, trigger device or line speed sensor