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General Product Assembly

Nordson provides a comprehensive selection of handguns and adhesive melters designed for ergonomic considerations, rugged operation and easy maintenance in demanding environments.

Every day, Nordson systems find their way into new, innovative product assembly applications that help improve quality and manufacturing efficiency. Let us help with your specific application requirements.

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The following list is a small sample of assembly applications using Nordson adhesive dispensing technologies:

  • Artificial plant assembly
  • Cushioning inside children's football helmets
  • Cushion inserts inside corrugated boxes
  • Rubber gasket bonding to seal caskets
  • Picture frame assembly
  • Base cup attachment to golf bags
  • Refrigerator seam seals and caulk
  • Liners to outer skins of footballs
  • Vacuum cleaner bag assembly
  • Pleated window shades and lampshades
  • Foam carpet pad to foundation
  • Highway signal lights
  • Wine bottle cork seals
  • Mattress assembly