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Insulation Manufacturing

Nordson systems help improve quality for several insulation manufacturing applications. These include encapsulation of fiberglass insulation with plastic film for easier handling, bonding of kraft to fiberglass for temporary bonding of tack flange, attachment of jacket around fiberglass pipe insulation, and attachment of insulation panels to sheet metal skins.


  • Use FP-900 handguns  to efficiently apply ambient-temperature adhesives to flat panel insulation.

  • Improve coverage and accuracy by applying foamed hot melt adhesives with FoamMelt®  dispensing systems, which help reduce material costs with increased adhesive open time and volume.

  • Provide reliable dispensing in high-pressure applications with Auto-Flo™ modules for uniform hot melt spray patterns and LV 227 bead gun for high-viscosity cold adhesives.

  • Improve laminating efficiency with clog-resistant Universal™ Signature™  spray nozzles that dispense dense, random patterns in continuous coating applications.

  • Improve product quality with dispensing accuracy and precision.

  • Increase productivity and reduce labor and material costs with reliable high-performance systems.