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Door Manufacturing

Improve the quality of residential and commercial exterior, entrance and garage doors with Nordson dispensing systems. Nordson systems apply hot melt adhesives and sealants for gasketing and sealing, as well as reactive hot melt adhesives for edgebanding.

  •  Choose from application specific melters and guns, including VersaDrum™ and DuraPail® bulk melters, VersaPUR melters, EB60V edgebanding slot guns and Auto-Flo™ modules.

  • Improve gasketing and sealing coverage and accuracy by applying foamed thermoplastic materials with Ultra FoamMix® and FoamMelt® dispensing systems and AG-900 modular guns.

  • Increase productivity and reduce labor and material costs with reliable high-performance systems.

  • Improve product quality with precise, repeatable adhesive dispensing