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Pressurized Containers

Pressurized Containers

Pressurized containers meet various cold adhesive delivery requirements with a range of filling capacities.

  • Protect against corrosion with wetted fittings and tank casings made of stainless steel.

  • Speed filling and cleaning with wide opening and
    straight-wall design.

  • Improve bonding performance with adhesive filters that remove contaminants.

  • Protect operators with overpressure safety valve, safety cam locks and quick-release mounting handles.

  • Minimize downtime with optional level control.

LA 105 Container

  • Use for laboratory tests and high-cost adhesives with 3.8-liter (1 gal) filling capacity.

LA 120 Container

  • Provides 19-liter (5 gal) filling capacity for standard adhesive delivery operations.

LA 140 Container

  • Provides 38-liter (10 gal) filling capacity for high-volume delivery.

LB 120 Container

  • Use for standard-volume operations with 15-liter (3.9 gal) filling capacity.

LB 140 Container

  • Use for high-volume operations with 30-liter (7.9 gal) filling capacity.