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Piston and Diaphragm Pumps

Piston and Diaphragm Pumps

A selection of piston and diaphragm pumps maximizes delivery of cold adhesives, including PVA, solvent-based, starch and dextrin adhesives for packaging, converting and product assembly applications.

LA 300 Piston Pumps

  • Accommodate 20- (5-gal), 30-, and 200-liter (55-gal) containers using 7:1 air-to-fluid ratio for precise
    adhesive application.

  • Meet specific installation requirements by offering wall-mount, lid-mount and system-trolley configurations and independent orientation of filter and motor sections.

  • Maintain consistent adhesive output with balanced air motor up to 120 liters per hour (31.7 gal/hour).

  • Use standard and wear-resistant rods to handle wide range or adhesives and production needs.

  • Resist corrosion with engineered plastics and stainless steel parts.

LA 310  Piston Pumps LA 310 piston pumps reliably provide constant adhesive pressure.

  • Accommodate 20- or 30-liter, or 5-gallon, containers at
    5:1 air-to-fluid ratio and max. 18 bar when paired with LA 382 automatic
    pressure regulators.

  • Maintain stable flow rate up to 48 liters per hour (12.6 gal/hour) even during machine speed changes.

  • Attain installation flexibility with wall-mount, lid-mount, or Nordson console configurations.

LA 320  Diaphragm Pumps

  • Meet application requirements with stand-alone or LA 320 diaphragm pumps produce a reliable, low-pressure output.
    lid-mount design.

  • Use for low-pressure, constant adhesive delivery up to
    50 liters per minute (13.3 gal/min) or 100 liters per minute (26.6 gal/min).

  • Produce reliable output at low pressures with
    1:1 air-to-fluid pressure ratio.

  • Protect against corrosion with metal-free outer casing and engineered polyamide-based plastics.


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