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LA 825 Series Electric Applicators

High-speed, rapid-cycling LA 825 applicators provide sharp cutoff and consistent cold adhesive patterns for viscosities up to 1,500 centipoise. High-performance operation and compact profiles improve productivity in paper and paperboard converting, as well as packaging, applications.

  • Install quickly and easily using minimum space.
  • Feature a 250 Hz continuous cycle rate and max. 500 Hz cycle rate in intermittent applications.
  • Increase durability with single-piece stainless steel housing.
  • Provide consistent, highly accurate flow control using adjustable stroke to independently adjust glue volume of each gun.

 LA 825 RC applicators meet needs of folding carton manufacturing.  LA 825 RC Electric Applicators
  • Are ideal for conditions often found in folding carton production.
  • Achieve sharp cutoff and clean operation from reduced cavity design.
  • Position bead closer to the carrier due to elongated nozzle.
  • Offer a choice of nozzle sizes to accommodate a wide range of adhesives.
  • Ideal for high speed dotting applications.

 LA 825 applicators for intermittent application and high-line speeds.  

LA 825 Electric Applicators

  • Accommodate intermittent application and high-line speeds found in paper and paperboard converting industries.
  • Enhance production flexibility with multi-module gun configurations.
  • Offer a variety of contact and non-contact nozzles with orifice diameters ranging from 0.3 to 1.0 millimeters (0.012 to 0.04 in.).



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