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Saturn® Filter Jacket

Saturn® Filter Jacket

Saturn® filter jackets and pneumatic gun jackets improve the performance of your Nordson Saturn in-line filters and Nordson dispensing guns.

Installed as covers over your Saturn in-line filters the jackets feature a special insulation and covering that will withstand the high temperatures of your hot melt dispensing operation.  Stainless steel hook-and-loop closures provide secure attachment while the specially fitted jackets allow easy verification and replacement of color-coded filter elements.

Saturn filter jackets:

  • Allow more immediate adhesive flow following periods of inactivity.

  • Maintain adhesive quality by preventing adhesive heating and cooling.

  • Reduce the instance of cold spots for more reliable operation.

Pneumatic Gun Jackets insulate and protect guns and operators while maintaining adhesive integrity. Gun insulating jackets

The jackets fit Nordson ClassicBlue™, SolidBlue™ and SureBead® single-module dispensing guns (both air open/air close and air open/spring close versions).

Gun jackets feature the same insulation and stainless steel hook-and-loop closures as Saturn filter jackets.

Pneumatic gun jackets:

  • Improve performance of pneumatic guns by insulating and minimizing the temperature differential between gun and ambient air.

  • Minimize the potential for operators to contact hot gun surfaces.

  • Protect gun exteriors from char and adhesive stringing, reducing maintenance.

  • Reduce energy consumption by as much as 50%.

In the U.S. call toll-free (800) 667-3766 or visit www.enordson.com to order