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Melter Flushing Service Kit

Melter Flushing Service Kit

The Melter Flush Service Kit contains everything required to flush and clean melter tanks and exteriors—even a bucket with a sealable lid for disposal of old adhesive and cleaning fluids. System flushing removes excess dirt and charred material that can clog the melters, hoses, guns and nozzles and cause poor performance. Flushing should also be done each time an adhesive type is changed.

Improve adhesive melter performance by:

  • Eliminating char that can clog adhesive melter, hoses and nozzles.

  • Eliminating contaminants and debris that result in poor adhesive bonding and undesirable finished products.

  • Providing better operator safety, reducing the potential for system hydraulic malfunctions.

In the U.S. call toll-free (888) 667-3766 or visit www.enordson.com to order.