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Allegro™ Elastic Attachment Nozzles

Allegro™ Elastic Attachment Nozzles

Patent-pending Allegro nozzles use a novel air-assisted contact coating technology to apply hot melt adhesives to single or multiple elastic strands. This advanced nozzle technology delivers precise adhesive deposition with exceptionally-low variability for elasticized legs, leg cuffs and waist bands on baby diapers, training paints and adult incontinence products.

Integral strand guides stabilize elastic strand positioning while post adhesive-application process air forms molten adhesive around the entire elastic strand.

Allegro elastic attachment nozzles:

• Facilitate increased production speeds, up to 650 m/min.

• Support close center, as near at 2 mm centerlines.

• Improve creep resistance.

• Offer durability for easier maintenance and inspection.

• Stabilize elastic strand position with integral guides.

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