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Select Series™ Guns and Hoses

Select Series™ Guns and Hoses

The unmatched durability of Nordson Select Series hot melt adhesive guns and hoses can significantly improve the performance of your existing automated or manual hot melt systems and those manufactured by Hot Melt Technologies, Inc., ITW Dynatec, and Robatech, Inc.

Select Series SolidBlue™ Automatic Guns
  • Reduce costs and unscheduled downtime with superior
    service life and accurate thermal sensing for consistent
    flow rates.
  • Improve product quality and reduce rejects with excellent hot melt adhesive cutoff.


Select Series AD-41 HandgunsSelect Series AD-41 handguns replace ITW, Robatech and HMT hot melt adhesive handguns.

  • Reduce operator fatigue with ergonomic design.
  • Choose from a variety of dispensing positions for pinpoint
    placement. Guns easily convert online from standard extrusion nozzles to spray, swirl or down-apply extrusion.


Select Series Hoses

  • Provide safer operation with two separate ground paths.
  • Protect system components with aramid insulation that improves chemical and moisture resistance.
  • Reduce replacement costs with four layers of overlapped aramid insulation that increases thermal efficiency and retains hose flexibility.
  • Receive controlled startup and consistent flow rates with efficient and uniform heat transfer.

Select Series hoses replace ITW hoses          Select Series hoses replace Robatech hoses       Select Series hoses replace HMT hoses

            ITW Dynatec                                             Robatech                                 Hot Melt Technology