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Nordson TrueBlue™ Service Plans

Factory-trained Nordson technical representatives help you achieve top system performance with priority service that meets original factory specifications. Nordson will provide the documentation required for ISO compliance. A choice of three plans lets you choose the level of service that is best for your operation.

  • Option 1:  TrueBlue Health Check

    The Health Check is a top-to-bottom system inspection and evaluation.

  • Option 2:  TrueBlue Preventive Maintenance

    The Preventive Maintenance Program includes The Health Check  PLUS:

     -  Draining and cleaning of the melter tank
     -  Replacement of  tank filter
     -  Purging the system to help remove adhesive char and debris

  • Option 3: TrueBlue Flexible A La Carte Service

    With the A la carte Service Plan you decide which components Nordson will service and replace in order to optimize your adhesive systems.