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Life Sciences

As a partner to the Life Sciences industry, Nordson helps improve the quality of life for people around the world. Our fluid dispensing, surface preparation and test and inspection technologies are key to the manufacturing of a wide variety of medical devices, including pacemakers, stents and catheters. We are also critical to a growing range of related applications, including pharmaceutical manufacturing, drug discovery and delivery, diagnostics, medical electronics, and ocular. By providing unmatched technological expertise and a global support system, Nordson continues to help manufacturers in this important industry develop innovative solutions while also improving the accuracy, reliability and cost-efficiency of their operations.

Life Sciences Markets Served by Nordson

Biomaterial Dispensing and Application - Wound Care
FibriJetMicromedics FibriJet bioapplicator products are used for applying and dispensing biomaterials such as fibrin tissue sealant and concentrated plasma gel for controlling bleeding, healing wounds and other related medical procedures.   The product line includes single and dual syringe applicators modified with interchangeable tips for the particular needs of specific surgical procedures.  The products enable the controlled dispense of a single material or simultaneous dispense of two materials to a localized treatment site with simple, one-handed operation.  Micromedics FibriJet products are marketed to a wide variety of customers including distributors, surgeons, OEMs, hospitals and outpatient clinics.

Medical Devices  Medical Devices
Nordson systems are widely used in the assembly of medical devices.  For years, manufacturers have used our bench-top dispensing systems to bond together pacemakers, catheters, blood filters and many other devices associated with dialysis, anesthesia delivery, ventilators, respirators and disposables.  In addition, our automated valves apply precise, minute amounts of cyanoacrylates, UV-cure adhesives and two-part epoxies for needle-hub bonding, syringe assembly and catheter manufacturing. 

PharmaceuticalsPharmaceutical manufacturers are ever-conscious of quality, continuous improvement and cost efficiency.  As a result, finding the right partner to help develop and execute your products is critical.  Nordson brings unmatched engineering expertise and application support to pharmaceutical manufacturers, offering a wide range of fluid dispensing options to keep you productive and profitable.

Drug Discovery and Delivery
Drug DiscoveryDrug discovery and development companies are at the forefront of a dynamic life sciences industry – driven by continuous research, ever-evolving technologies and increased demand for more and improved health-related products.  It's a fast-paced environment, where processes must be integrated and stringent government regulations met.  Nordson provides reliable fluid dispensing and hot melt dispensing systems as well as gas plasma surface treatment systems, offering the speed and accuracy needed for drug discovery companies to stay ahead of ever-changing technology requirements.

DiagnosicsAdvances in laboratory analysis equipment, such as lab-on-a-chip technology, have seen the birth of a new set of companies.  These dynamic organizations are on the forefront of technology and seemingly introduce new diagnostic products every week. As always, Nordson holds its products to the highest quality standards.  Our experts will work with you to design a system that meets your specific needs.  From concept to completion, our team stays with you to assure your satisfaction and productivity.

Medical Electronics
Medical ElectronicsAs medical devices get smaller and more sophisticated, so do the components that operate them.  Nordson ASYMTEK pioneered the process of underfilling flip chip components more than 20 years ago. Today, our high-speed automated systems are used by medical electronic manufacturers to accurately apply epoxies to these tiny parts, which are being used increasingly in hearing aids, defibrillators and pacemakers.

OcularNordson EFD specializes in fluid application devices for most type of fluids. Contact and intraocular lens production processes involve a variety of fluids. Whether your assembly operation is fully automated or performed by individual operators, Nordson EFD has a dispensing system capable of metering these fluids in consistent, repeatable amounts that can bring a dramatic increase in yields while reducing production costs, maintenance and downtime.